Mind Set A Threat – Self-Titled E.P.


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“A trilogy of triumph from the Scottish quintet”

On first impressions, Edinburgh’s Mind Set A Threat could be easily dismissed as clichéd by the average listener. However, this could not be farther from the truth. There is a depth, an intelligence quietly sitting behind the driving seat of their latest metalcore vehicle as it blasts through your speakers. This self-titled E.P. is solid throughout but it at times it reaches audible highs that can only be described as majestic.

It begins its assault with ‘The Odyssey’ a fitting title that becomes apparent from the moment the epic chord change reaches your ears. The song develops nicely especially after the first chorus, with its soaring vocals sailing over a beautiful progression. Although coming in at just over the five minute mark, the song never once drags; it keeps engaging the listener with fantastic guitar lines and smart drum fills.

‘Stories’ continues this trend, once again contrasting balls with beauty that gives birth to some kind of HatebreedFuneral for a Friend offspring. The tail end of this six minute middle-child is taken up by an extended outro which, while beautiful, is somewhat spurious. But it segues nicely in the final track ‘All the Hours’. Energetic and visceral it provides the perfect close to the CD

The bottom line is this E.P. rocks. The production is top of the range, with the drums and guitars being the stars of the show. The melodies, the fills, and the transitions; it’s all here. The arrangements are well thought out with vocals dropping out to leave the music breath at the just the right moments. With this as a jumping off point and a debut album on the way, there could be big things in store for Mind Set A Threat.

Drop-D Rating: 8/10



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