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“…a beautiful and wonderful tapestry of lush melodies and slick nuances…”

Memphis, Tennessee is famous for a lot of things. You don’t need it to be spelled out for you …. Perhaps what you wouldn’t immediately associate the city with is gorgeously melodic and pleasing instrumental post rock. That could change now with this full-length effort from Glorie.

Glorie occupy a vein in rock music today that is heavily saturated, but with this self-titled record they make more than a valiant effort to conjure up an identity to themselves amongst a wave of similar faced entities.

For over 40 minutes, Glorie spin a beautiful and wonderful tapestry of lush melodies and slick nuances from their refined guitars to elegant keys and cellos making the soothing air of the album hang together in a simple cohesiveness.

This could be called easy-listening, in some weird way. In the sense that Glorie is beautifully relaxing and swoops you away into its world from start to finish. But at the same time, the sound is quite layered so there are plenty of thought provoking passages and curve balls that allow you to completely fall into a lull.

The influence of Explosions In The Sky can be heard in various passages of Glorie particularly with forming some kind of strange aural kinship with Explosions’ latest record.  There’s a benign flavour, a gentle vibe running throughout the album from its earnest shoegaze passages to tranquil keyboards.

Music For A Horror Movie is inappropriately titled with its tender spectral glow that’s warming while Water Drops sways with a slow, majestic ambience. However, Nightmares Then Sunshine, the second last song, beckons something of a late twist in order for Glorie, opening more dramatically and gives way to curtain caller, Gunshot City, a suitable closer that encapsulates the different facets of the album.

Drop-d Rating: 7/10


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