Former Monarchs’ UK Tour Diary: Days 7&8


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Former Monarchs continue on their musical journey around the UK with London and Cambridge dates…

DAY 7:

What up. Right, so we stayed in Manchester last night with my sister. She made us lovely vegetable soup which was definitely the most nutritious thing we’ve had so far on this tour. We had loads of admin stuff to handle so we organized things like booking the ferry home and our general itinerary for the rest of the tour. We’re heading to London from Manchester and for the first time on the tour we have nowhere to stay so we’ve to book a Travelodge to kip in. All in all, it was lovely to see my sis and to have a bit of comfort.

When we arrived in London (eventually) we were a little jaded. It was a long long drive from Edinburgh where we played our last show. We found the venue and loaded in, soundchecked, etc. This gig was with the Bear Makes Ninja crowd so we had the chats with them and a few of our pals who are living in London came over to say hello.

Overall, the gig was a tough enough one. It was a strange atmosphere and we were put on an earlier slot than we anticipated, but we still had the laugh and sold some merch (which is essential on tour, we’ve come to realize). Once again, the promoter was an absolute gem of a lady called Cara, who in her own right is a great musician and should be touring Ireland soon enough, so keep a look out for Cara Sebastian!

I drove an hour and a half up the road after the show to Bedford where we checked into our Travelodge. I had a well earned can of beer and shared a bed with Barry for the second time on this tour (unlucky for me, he is a million foot tall).

We have a day off today. We were supposed to play Brighton, but it was called off, and a late attempt to get on a slot in Bath didn’t materialize. Ah well. We love being tourists so we’ll just decide where to spend the day!

DAY 8:

So we went to spend our day off in Cambridge. It’s a beautiful University town (as I’m sure you all know) and it was a gorgeous day so we split up and did our own thing for the afternoon. I think I actually preferred Cambridge to Edinburgh. It is very very pretty. I bet I sound like a big pansy but I don’t care, it was lovely. I spent the day listening to the new Tubelord album whilst walking around, and although I wasn’t sure at all at the beginning, I’m definitely starting to come around to it. The third track is particularly taking my fancy.

A few hours ago, we all met up by the van and decided to go and grab a pint, which was also lovely. There’s a fair nip in the air now though, it is quite cold. Actually we’ve had great weather here for the most part, nothing like the horror stories I’ve been reading coming out of Dublin. I’m glad to hear things seem to have calmed down a tad.

We have three more gigs on this tour. Tomorrow we are meeting up with &U&I, who we did a tour of Ireland with back in January so it will be brilliant to meet the lads again. They’ve just released their debut album, and although I haven’t heard much yet (I’m waiting to get a physical copy tomorrow) you should all buy it because I’d say it is disgustingly filthy.

In a good way, obviously.

After that, we’re playing Nottingham, and then all the way down south to Chichester, so we’ve a busy few days ahead of us.

Right now, I’m in the back of the van and we’re on the way to Sleaford, where Bear Makes Ninja are putting us up, which I’m excited about because they have two excellent cats and I want to hang with them again.

I’m also dying to go to the bathroom (smallest bladder ever) but am scared to ask Mul because we just got into the van. I’ll ask him there…

He grudgingly agreed to stop soon. I hope he means it, otherwise everybody will be quite uncomfortable.

Could be a long journey,

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