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Download Cork Rock City right here! :-)

After a rake of technical problems, it’s here. proudly presents its first mixtape: Cork Rock City!




Available for free download on November 1st, through

Cork‘s music scene has, in recent years, developed into one of the most varied, vibrant and vital anywhere, much less in the country. Artists of all genres co-exist, collaborate and thrive, in venues all around the city, from pubs and churches to abandoned courthouses and on the street. The sense of community and the nurturing of creativity the town offers, in its colleges, practice spaces, record shop, pubs and venues, and at events such as the Jazz Weekend and the Sonic Vigil, truly sets our town out as an example of what independent music can mean when we work together, and how creativity will always triumph over external adversity.

To celebrate the Cork music scene, documenting it at a crucial and thriving time, proudly presents Cork Rock City, a compilation album spanning the wide variety of artists and genres that live, play and grow daily in Cork, available free to download from November 1st, 2010 on From melodic death metal from For Ruin, to indie-pop wonders When Good Pets Go Bad; Hope is Noise’s vital, idealistic roar, the irreverent grindcore mayhem of I’ll Eat Your Face, blackened blues courtesy of Brains and thoughtful all-girl alt-rockers KVX through to electro producers such as Toby Kaar, Generic People, Laserface and Robin Renwick, dub hypnosis from Wiggle, psychedelia by way of The Altered Hours and the heavyweight improv/noise/drone of Mersk, with countless more inbetween, this compilation aims to encapsulate for posterity the happenings and goings-on in Cork City music right now.

With 69 tracks confirmed, as well as videos, band biographies and a choice of 5 covers featuring the work of Cork artists Allan Kenneally (AJ) and Ricky Sweeney and Edith O’Mahony, this is sure to be the definitive statement of all Cork City has to offer right now. Get involved.

Download: Disc 1Disc 2Disc 3Disc 4Artwork/Videos/Bios/Extras

(Please note: the downloads are in .rar file format. In order to extract the MP3s from their package, please use WinRAR, downloadable by clicking the link.)



Hope is Noise – Peace and Quiet
Arm the Elderly – Catwalk Revolution
Elk – Nordic
Hooray for Humans – Chevy Chase
Show Motion Heroes – I Think You Ruined My Life
Versives – Fall from Skies
Time is a Thief – Holding the Gun
Artful Renegade – We Own the Night
When Good Pets Go Bad – Far Cry from Nowhere
Cian Walsh – Waltz Along the Promenade
Jonny Rep – If You Had a Plan
Dmitry Datus – Nervous Badger
New Mind Line – A Different Vein
KVX – Graphs
Ladydoll – Genetics
Fingersmith – Sub
Chunky Planet – Suicide Bomber
Ian Whitty and the Exchange – Not on Your Side
Ugly Beautiful – Weekend
Zombie Computer – Get Over You

Stone Throwing Youths – Too Much Information
Beard-Seeking Missile – Dreamermode
The Shed – Craven Walker
Hey Maker! – Sunshine Goes Away
Mr. Explorer – Born Again
My Evil Ex – (Just a Little) Drop of Poison
Beastmen – El Maniaco Contra El Monstruo
Agitate the Gravel – Interval
Los Langeros – Greasy Coat
The Grunts – Party Weirdo
Honey Badger – TV Psycho
The Grandmothers from Outer Space – Cool, Cool Japanese Schoolgirl
Stanton’s Grave – TV Zombie
Brains – 3ft Wide, 7ft Tall
El Bastardo – My Name is Shite
[r]evolution of a sun – Conspire
Hours of Ours – Hours of Ours
Fivewilldie – Black Cloud
Molde – The Price You Pay to Lose Yourself

People of the Monolith – Harvest
Keith Hynes – Palindrome
Detonate – Trojan Horse
Knock ‘em Dead – Dragged Out to Sea
Defect – Scarred
Yesterday’s Heroes – Revengers
Flatline – Blud Kudgel
Sirocco – Dorchadas
For Ruin – Care of the Dead
I’ll Eat Your Face – Dr. Pancake’s Luxurious Ratskin Housecoat
Plinth – La Dlumbra Klxae Futcheon
Lamp – Temet Nosce
Vita – My Father’s Mean
Sideproject – Outpatients

Letter from Belgium – Inland
The Altered Hours – Daydream Parade
Mersk – The Sea of Okhotsk
Deadlands – One
Lift – The Spyre
Wasps vs. Humans – Failure Got Stuck in Traffic
Spekulativ Fiktion – Motives to Create
Wiggle – Brighten the World
Tenonsaw – Twist
In Valour – Higher
Laserface – Bothar Dunta
Fear Stalks the Land! – Akrs
Commandot – Goddessship
Toby Kaar – Crank
Generic People – Generic People
Robin Renwick – Inetro
Hope is Noise – Relation
I’ll Eat Your Face – Rotting Clip
Elk – Bad Cat
The Grandmothers From Outer Space – Cool, Cool Japanese Schoolgirl

Thanks to everybody for contributing, downloading, advice and suggestions!

Cork Rock City: Preview by

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